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The website you are about to explore encompasses a myriad of artistic and intellectual possibilities. Although primarily concerned with Gigi’s artistic oeuvre it is also a portal to music, writing and exhibitions, both virtual and live.



Dreamsnake Studios, the home of our music, videos (directed and animated by Steve Holloway) and the accompanying art.


There Is Something Out There, where you will find amazing virtual galleries / exhibitions including spoken word performances by world renowned poet Milo Martin.


Realm of the Beasties, in which you will discover the massively important book project – All Claws Crossed, Odyssey of the Beasties Vol. 1. Here your senses will be inundated with pleasure as you witness the pure creativity and imagination poured into the art, the writing with Milo Martin, the doll prototypes by Ari Carle and the introduction to the most fabulous characters in the universe!


With Our Compliments,

Gigi and Jack

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