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Realm of the Beasties

Danu, our story’s protagonist was born in a dream. I realized that I was very angry and in accepting that anger, I released it and the heat warmed the bars to Li’l Beastie’s chamber in my heart chakra. The bars melted setting her free. She ran off liberated and happy to be transforming a painful feeling into something joyous.


All Claws Crossed is a story of finding your potential when faced with adversity and discovering powers previously hidden. The Beasties are shy fun loving creatures who form a band to create an anthem for the new revolution from ancient tones of a melody Danu has heard in a dream.They are thrust into a great adventure, involving the rescue of friends and the defeat of powerful adversaries.


All Beasties want to occupy your heart. They want to curl up where it’s nice and warm. They inhabit their own universe and have their own cosmology. They snarl and bare their teeth at ignorance and greed. They abhor litter. They are little activists.


We dream in technicolor and paint with lightness rods.

This epic story/tale is written by Gigi and Jack and translated into the artful prose of spoken word artist and poet Milo Martin.


As a child I was an avid doodler in school, which instead of being a distraction actually helps you to absorb information. I am fascinated by color and texture. Organic forms inform all of my artwork from the microscopic to the macroscopic. I have known that I wanted to be an artist since I was very young and am also a musician.


Much of the Beastie imagery originates in my dreams. This is not a linear process it evolves. I was posting the original drawings of Li’l Beasties sequentially on social media and the response was overwhelming. A friend in publishing suggested that Jack (my husband and co-conspirator) and I do a galley for a children’s book and another friend in Hollywood suggested animation. We have secured the copyright and trademark for this project as well. Our website; is where one can purchase digital prints, stickers, that I put up as street art, phone skins and embroidered patches. We’ve created prototypes for plush dolls, yoga mats and perfume, which is a collaboration with the House of Cherry Bomb. Jack has created a 3D Mural incorporating Beastie imagery from my drawings, The Veil of the Eternal which can be viewed on the website blog.


Gigi Spratley

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