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Spectral Wave

Reference the structure of the spine, the motion of spinning chakras, and the refracted palette of the prism. The imagery being derived from dreams is surreal in concept but not in style. They are like maps of my emotional states and although begun at different times evolve together as these states resolve. This work is a purer expression of my creative process which has no art world agenda. Jack has been conceptually collaborating with me since Low Life but he starts to physically work with me on the Ghost Ship Prism (seen below lower left).

Rexy and Friends.jpg

5" x 7" mixed media on canvas

Random Strands of Our DNA - 2022

Fiesta - 2016              Eye - 2016

Tripod - 2022

Craters - 2016            Rock Stars - 2019


Rexy’s Art World at Club Terroreyze


Porthole with glowing fish -Deep Portal

Ultramarine round -Deep Blue Sea

World with Om - Home

Pinkish round- The Oracle of Radical Pleasure


Bat- Glam Bat

Infinity snakes-Infinity

Dragonflies-Fly United

Emerald like - Vertigo

Spectral install.jpg
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