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All Claws Crossed

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Click on the PDF for the book sneak peek!

All Claws Crossed: An Exploration of the Creative Process

Follow this link for the live/recorded Virtual Gallery Opening, Gigi Spratley and Jack Waltrip with Milo Martin:


Follow this link for the Virtual Gallery tour:

Gigi Spratley and Jack Waltrip have been collaborating on art, music, animation and writing for two decades. This unique exhibition provides a glimpse into their creative process as well as a relative retrospective of Gigi’s art oeuvre. The two work together on many levels. Their work addresses the cycles of life, the rotation of the earth, the passage of time, and the inevitability of change. They attempt to accentuate the beauty of organic forms. Their 3-D work is conceived as a space between dreams and meditation where veiled potential can be revealed, just as the 3-D glasses reveal an alternative experience for the viewer. Their projects have evolved into street art, writing and animation projects.

Milo Martin, a native Californian originally from the Monterey Peninsula and the San Francisco Bay Area, found his way down to Los Angeles, coming up in the now-legendary East Hollywood ONYX poetry scene in the mid-late ‘90s.

He co-founded the original Hollywood/Silver Lake Poetry Slam Team in 1997, later winners of the National Poetry Slam in 2004 and 2005.

He received his Master’s Degree from the University of Southern California in 2004, studying with the likes of Hubert Selby Jr., Aram Saroyan, Steve Wasserman, Mel Shavelson, Marvin Bell, Clayton Eschleman, and Holly Prado.  It was in conjunction with USC that he won a scholarship to study Poetry and Linguistics in Prague, Czech Republic at the Karlovy University, Summer 2003.

He was the poetry editor of the Southern Californian Review at USC and the popular online literary site The Nervous

Milo has toured America and Europe extensively, (five tours) both solo and with the international poetry troupe, POESIE UNITED, performing spoken word at international literary festivals, rock venues, libraries, and universities.  His work has been translated into five languages (German, Italian, French, Croatian, and Estonian).

He is the author of Poems for the Utopian Nihilist, {Echo Park Press 2008}. He is currently finishing his next collection of poems entitled Sublemon/Sublime.

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